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63stratsmall1963 Fender  Stratocaster Re-issue ask for price

hagstromsmall1961 Hagström 27.000 Dkr

blackstratsmall1990 Fender  Stratocaster 6.500 Dkr

40stratsmall1994 Fender  Stratocaster Anniversary 40 years 8.500 Dkr

lespaulsmall1995 Gibson Les Paul Blue Light 6.500 Dkr

washburn1979 Washburn 3.500 Dkr

Lagtelesmall1987 LAG  Telecaster One Of a Kind The first ever to be coloured with red-wine
9.700 Dkr

coronadosmall1966 Fender Coronado II 9.500 Dkr

redstratsmall1991 ca. Fender Stratocaster 6.850 Dkr

Burns651965 Burns GB 65 13.500 Dkr

Lagtelesmall1981 Gibson Super 400 CES
35.000 Dkr

Lagtelesmall1958 Gibson ES 175D 30.000 Dkr